Friday, January 9, 2009


After Christmas we decided to drive to Birmingham, England to visit some friends. It was kind of a last minute decision but we thought it would be fun to go somewhere since everything would be closed until the Monday after Christmas. We thought we might get a little bored in our apartment for that long. So thanks to my parents for their Christmas gift, we were able to go.

We drove to Calais, France and took the car ferry over to Dover, England. This was alot of fun and good chance for Emma to get out and run around. It was about an hour trip. The cliffs of Dover really are white...

Our friends took us to Staford on Avon to see the Shakespeare sights.

Max and Kayla, our friends kids. Emma had a great time with them.

Here's David's coat he got for Christmas from me and my mom.

This is the church Shakespeare is buried in.

Shakespeare's house.
We also went to see some old Roman ruins, it was pretty interesting.
This is a cathedral we visited outside of Birmingham.

Kenny, Kristy, Max and Kayla.We went to a pub one night and had some great English food.

It was a long trip home. We left on Jan 1st so there wasn't alot of traffic, but David and i tried to just follow our google directions backwards without a map. This wasn't a good idea. We got mixed up going around Brussels and realized later we were driving out some pennisula in the Netherlands. It was dark, otherwise we would have known to turn around. Good thing alot of people speak English there so we just asked for directions. So it all worked out, just an extra couple hours in the car. The girls did really well. We had a great time!


The Lucas family said...

We have tried to follow mapquest directions backwards before and it didn't work for us either. We are leaving for Dallas today and I printed out the directions forward and backwards. I really don't want to get lost this time. :)

Grammy said...

I love seeing your life in Europe-we miss you all so much. The kids are beautiful-Maggie reminds me of her Martin cousins but I have not put my finger on just whom it is!

Hughes' said...

Hey guys. The pictures are great! I love how you just pop over to England and Brussels. Ha! What a blessing that must be! Miss you guys and praying for you!

Amy said...

Emma has the DONALD TRUMP comb over in the last picture. FIX THAT HAIR

Cat said...

I meant to tell ya- your last post of David eating the 'poop'- very funny...but I wouldn't make a habbit of eating that stuff in front of the little ones- they might try the real thing on their own some day, "Why not, Daddy does it???"