Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maggie's 4 months this week

Well Maggie turns 4 months this week, and she just started wearing all of her 9 month clothes so she's growing fast. She also started sleeping 12 hours straight through the night, that's a huge blessing for me :) yay! Emma's talking more and more. Her favorite phrases are "Oma Opa" (grandma grandpa in german) and "baby horse" . She's pretty obsessed with horses. I let her watch the movie Spirit and now all she wants to do it ride on my back or watch the movie.
I'll have some new pictures soon after Thanksgiving. We've invited almost all of our neighbors in the building and they are going to come. I hope we have enough food and i've never cooked a Turkey so i'm hoping that all comes out okay :)
I can't get our apartment warm-the heaters aren't very good and it costs SO much if you turn them up. So the girls always have about 3 layers on and a hat. They don't complain though.

we went to a flea market recently and got some great stuff. Maggie got a johnny jumpup and Emma got a Bobby car.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

David is Hilarious!

My little sweetie

My new stroller-I love this thing!!!

Emma looks so much like her dad

Here's my husband the clown :) This video is hilarious

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back to good ol Dusseldorf

Well things are getting back to normal, the kids are getting bigger all the time.

Emma's dressed and ready to go shopping with her baby, she has her purse, shoes, stroller, baby, bottle and bib...

Emma saying bye to Dad from our apartment window

a picture of Dusseldorf at night

Visit to Illinois

We went to Illinois at the end of September for 2 weeks. It was so much seeing the grandparents. We spent almost a week in Rockford seeing David's parents and then we stayed with my parents for a while in Sterling. The girls were spoiled the entire time. We all had a blast.

My mom and my grandma Koster
My sister Amy (Aunt Mimi)
My sister's fiance, Jason- they are getting married in June

My brother Ted and his new wife of 2 months, Aunt Trisha

A hike through "wild park"

Well in September before we left for Illinois, the four of us decided to go to Wild Park north of Dusseldorf. It's a huge forest with horse trails and hiking paths. We also found an airstrip next to the park where people were flying gliders. It was a pretty fun day.
We saw alot of riders.