Friday, January 23, 2009

"Don't Waste Your Life"

I've been reading "Don't Waste your Life" by Piper for a second time. This is definitely one of the best books i've ever read! I'm getting much more out of it a second time. Piper was talking about exalting only in the cross of Christ, the center of the glory of God (Gal 6:14). So basically everything good and everything bad that God turns for the good of His children, was purchased by Christ's death on the cross. I was just really convicted after reading this because i have been so excited about trying to buy a house and a new car when we move back. And i have been thinking i kind of deserve a house because i haven't had my own place to make a home for a really long time. And this is way off base, i don't deserve anything except condemnation for my sin. Everything is a gift purchased for me at the cost of death by Christ. This is the reward of his suffering (nothing that i've done to deserve anything). If God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him, then i should not be looking for anykind of material possesion to make me happy. If He decides to give us these things then i can glorify him and exult in His blessings, but He should be what's satisfying me, and nothing else....Anyway, my thoughts lately.


Andy and Megan said...

Hey there! We are reading that book for youth group and it is really good. We are only in the 4th chapter but it has been really convicting already! I hope we get to see you when you get back. I fact, we'll change our plans about leaving so we get to see you!

Andrew said...

I really enjoyed that book myself, and we will be going over it with our Yuth Grup. Should be a good time. Erich Kirsch and I have talked a little bit about "wartime" living. I love that concept.

EDHYDE said...

We just had our first week of DWYL and it went awesome I must say. I even put a plug in for Jonathan Edwards.