Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

Well we haven't had too much going on lately. I'm just getting ready for Christmas. Our team is having our Christmas dinner on monday night and then we're doing a small seafood thing on Christmas day. I'm making a ton of food for us this year, i'm hoping this year will go better than last year.

Last year i didn't pay attention to when the stores were going to be closed. We hadn't been here long and i just figured they'd be closed for Christmas and that was it. Well turns out they close very early on Christmas eve, then Christmas and the next 2 days. And when things close here, everything closes. I think gas stations are the only thing that can be open during holidays and every Sunday. So last year i didn't make it to the store on time so we ended up going to the arabic district and found one last piece of salmon at a fish market and some potatoes. So we had salmon Christmas day and potatoe soup the next 2 days. It was pretty sad. So this year i'm going all out with sweet rolls, cookies, green bean casserole, creamed corn, ham and plenty of other stuff.

Here's a couple pictures from the past 3 weeks...

Emma and her new rubber boots for all the rainy days, she loves these things. Her new favorite word is "gut gemacht" (well done) but she also gets this mixed up with "gute nacht" so she goes around saying "gute macht" it's pretty funny!

Maggies early Christmas present-a walker. This has been a great buy, she's happy almost all day in this thing

We did gingerbread cookies last sunday. Emma ate sooo much dough!

Maggie helping from her chair
My 3 favorite people
Yes that is a cat on her head :)
Emma and I scrap booking
The matching pig pajamas from their cousin Kelsey

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Maggie's Doctor visit

Maggie went in for her 4 month check up yesterday. She weighed in at about 17 lbs (7.65 Kg) and she's 25.7 inches long. So she's really big and healthy. The doctor came in and said "oh, mother's milk? more like mother's creme. How old is this baby, 6 months?" She thought she was a big 6 month old but apparently she's a huge 4 month old. It was pretty funny seeing the doctors reaction. My dad said when she was born...second parity is always the biggest...he's a farmer -haha. So anyway, David and i laughed. She's pretty cute though. She doesn't look fat, she just looks likes she's growing really fast.

Decorating for Christmas

We put up our tree last weekend too. It was so much fun this year because Emma could help and be involved more. She loved the ornaments of course. This one she made last year with Antje, her old babysitter.

Maggie had a blast from the couch...

We finished the night with hot chocolate. Emma started off very neatly with a straw...
...I guess she decided her hand was much easier :)

Walk around Dusseldorf

In between Thanksgivings on Friday we did some errands around the city and walked a really long way. It was freezing! Even with the kids bundled up we still put their rain cover over the stroller to keep the wind out.

First we went to the Library and Emma checked out a horse book and horse movie. Lately she's been obsessed with horses. Her favorite words are "baby horse".


If you read David's blog i'm sure you already know all about this, but our Thanksgiving went great! The turkey was perfect and we had just enough. We had a total of 13 people come including our neighbors. I think they had a fun time (everything switched to German by the end, so i only caught about 1/2) but David said everything went smoothly and our neighbors stayed longer than the rest of our team.

We had so much food!

On Saturday we had another Thanksgiving. This was really great but i think i need a break from cooking until Christmas. A couple with the board invited us down to Bonn to celebrate with them. They just moved into a Castle/Chateau that has been turned into apartments. It was beautiful! It's just outside the city and there are horse farms surrounding the grounds. It looks exactly how i always imagined Europe to look.

Since there wasn't any traffic around, Emma could walk around on her own , she thought this was great!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maggie's 4 months this week

Well Maggie turns 4 months this week, and she just started wearing all of her 9 month clothes so she's growing fast. She also started sleeping 12 hours straight through the night, that's a huge blessing for me :) yay! Emma's talking more and more. Her favorite phrases are "Oma Opa" (grandma grandpa in german) and "baby horse" . She's pretty obsessed with horses. I let her watch the movie Spirit and now all she wants to do it ride on my back or watch the movie.
I'll have some new pictures soon after Thanksgiving. We've invited almost all of our neighbors in the building and they are going to come. I hope we have enough food and i've never cooked a Turkey so i'm hoping that all comes out okay :)
I can't get our apartment warm-the heaters aren't very good and it costs SO much if you turn them up. So the girls always have about 3 layers on and a hat. They don't complain though.

we went to a flea market recently and got some great stuff. Maggie got a johnny jumpup and Emma got a Bobby car.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

David is Hilarious!

My little sweetie

My new stroller-I love this thing!!!

Emma looks so much like her dad

Here's my husband the clown :) This video is hilarious

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back to good ol Dusseldorf

Well things are getting back to normal, the kids are getting bigger all the time.

Emma's dressed and ready to go shopping with her baby, she has her purse, shoes, stroller, baby, bottle and bib...

Emma saying bye to Dad from our apartment window

a picture of Dusseldorf at night