Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Teeth

Does anyone know if baby's are supposed to always get their front bottom teeth first? Maggie has one little white dot showing farther back on the bottom. I didn't know if this is unusual.


Cat said...

Happy belated birthday to Emma!! I knew of her birthday on the 24th but I'm not able to call!! Hope she celebrated in style! About the teeth- I too, thought the lower anterior come in first...Love the videos too! The girls are adorable. I too, have my own convictions-(feeling 'stuck' at the house...) I need to read that book!

Anonymous said...

Sarah had a little white dot on her bottom gums too - the dr said it was something like a pimple and not at all unusual. As it turned out with Sarah, she did get her bottom teeth first right where the little dot had been (it went away before her teeth came in but she'd had it for several months). The dr did say that bottom teeth typically do come in first, then the top - but obviously that doesn't always happen! : )