Sunday, February 15, 2009


A couple weeks ago, we all drove about 30 mins to see a castle on our day off. It was really pretty. It was closed so we couldn't see the inside but the outside was gorgeous up on a hill.

Maggie is getting really big. David took her to her 6 month appointment but the doctor never weighed and measured her. So all i know is she weighs about 22 or 23 pounds and she's wearing Emma's 12 month clothes. She doesn't have alot of fat roles she is just looks alot older than she is.

Emma loves her doll from Grandma Kristi. She is always feeding her and pushing her in the doll stroller.


Cat said...

zLove the bottom pic of Emma! She is getting so much older! The last time I saw her, she was just about 3 months! Having to live so far from family is hard!
You've been real good about updating your blog- I guess I'm in a rut...

Amy said...

KRISTEN!!! THE KIDS ARE SO CUTE!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I CAN"T GET OVER HOW OLD THEY LOOK!! Emma is making the cutest face on the merry go round and her new jacket it adorable. You look really good in the picture by the castle....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SISTAH!

Doug said...

They are so adorable! It is hard to believe that Maggie is so big already. I don't think that Titus was 22 lbs until he was 9 months. Wow!

Amy said...

Jason and I need new pictures to view....LETS GET ON IT!!!